David Tobin


David Tobin is an award-winning composer, producer and arranger.


He works extensively in the UK and the US. His credits include a comprehensive portfolio of work for the film industry, the BBC, TV advertising, stage musicals and new media.


David Tobin's music reflects his extraordinary range of skills, developed over more than 20 years as a  professional composer. His track record encompasses genres as diverse as swing, big band, jazz, latin, funk, country and western,  choral, symphonic and just about everything else in between.


Alongside his solo work he has developed an outstanding working relationship with Chicago-based composer Jeff Meegan. To see and hear more of their work go to www.meegan-tobin.com.


David Tobin's work combines creativity with a real-world understanding of the realities of the commercial environment.




01924 260047 or 07590 058433